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JJ-Premier Medical Care

120 East Jinxiu Road (Luoshan Road), Pudong, Shanghai, P.R.C.



​JJ-Premier’s patient-centered methodology begins with an excellent patient experience.  JJ-Premier provides individual services to cater to patients and their loved ones based on trusted medical disciplines delivered in a warm and friendly manner.  JJ-Premier specialists are here to work with and for all patients.

To ensure a patient's full satisfaction, JJ-Premier’s multilingual team of international specialists are available to provide prompt assistance and supplemental coordination required for other related services. JJ-Premier strives to improve lives, build trust in the Shanghai community, and inspire patients to take charge of their health.​

JJ-Premier strives to provide the highest quality, convenient, and comprehensive prevention & care management programs for individuals and corporate entities.  JJ-Premier’s main focus is to provide a 21st century approach to disease prevention, medical treatments, and health management through a patient-centered methodology. For better care and better health, JJ-Premier leverages all of their specialties to form one, united team that strives to practice preventive care for all.​