Dr. Andrew May
Educations and Certifications:
Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic, Macquarie, Sydney
Master of Chiropractic, Macquarie, Sydney
ART upper, ART lower, ART Spine Certified
Occupational Health Certified III & IV
Rehabilitation Specialist 
Dry Needling & Musculoskeletal Acupuncture Certified

Years of Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Experience:
Over 8 years of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Experience
2010-2012:  Principal Chiropractor at Lindfield Wellness Centre
2007-2011:  Primary Chiropractor at ANC Health at Waterloo,Sydney
2005-2009:  Physical Trainer for Arden Anglian School

International Experience:
2012-Present:  Leading Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation Specialist in Shanghai, China 

Sports Medicine
ART Therapy
Spinal Injuries 
Childhood Spinal Development