Internationally Renowned Advisory Board

JJ-Premier is supported and sponsored by world-renowned institutes and physicians. JJ-Premier strives to grow its expertise and further its established specialist network, allowing patients access to the most advanced specialist care. JJ-Premier began by partnering with Taiwan's leading orthopedic hospital and American owned-Zimmer Institute Training Center to create JJ-Orthopedic Hospital, led by world class surgeon Dr. Wu who would later bring his cutting edge technology, procedures, and experience to Shanghai.

JJ-Premier also brought on Dr. Vaughn Frigon, American Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery, as our Senior Orthopedic Consultant. With his extensive background in the U.S. military, as well as his role as Chief Medical Officer of the Tennessee Health Care Administration Bureau, JJ-Premier has since looked forward to expand, educate, train, and enhance the quality of medical services provided here in Shanghai.

JJ-Premier offers excellent medical care and is always looking beyond to self-discipline, improve, and learn from specialists around the world.  At JJ-Premier, patients know they are in the best hands in China. ​