Orthopedic Health

Whether treating a chronic condition such as recurring joint pain or a newly broken

bone, JJ-Premier offers comprehensive orthopedic diagnosis, treatment, and

rehabilitation services for bone, joint, spine, and muscular conditions.

Patients benefit from:
--The latest technologies and surgical modalities
--Expertise in minimally invasive surgery
--Advanced pain management techniques
--Fast recovery and infection management
--Continuum of care featuring pre-operative education, extensive post-surgery

rehabilitations and home care service

JJ-Premier offers a range of surgical and non-surgical techniques to overcome issues

affecting musculoskeletal system such as:
--Emergency care
--Sports injuries and sprains/strains
--Bursitis and tendonitis
--Degenerative joint disease and rheumatoid arthritis
--Joint replacements

JJ-Premier's orthopedic service extends beyond surgery to an Individual Prevention &

Care Management Program that helps to prevent future orthopedic injuries. We are the

optimum choice in Shanghai to get back to full health and functionality thanks to our team

of internationally experienced orthopedic and rehabilitation specialists. JJ-Premier

orthopedic health, including rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports medicine is under

the leadership of world-renowned JJ-Orthopedic Hospital in Taiwan, as well as American

Medical Technology Company, Zimmer--a world leader in musculoskeletal health

solutions. South East Asia’s leading orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ming Fong Wu, with his

innovative surgical procedures, cutting edge techniques, and world-class precision,

has led JJ-Orthopedic Hospital-Taiwan to become the lead Asian training center for

rehabilitative care in a span of three short years.