Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Dr. Andrew May oversees our physical medicine and rehabilitation department at

JJ-Premier.  Our agency offers patients care that will enhance and restore their functional

ability and quality of life.


JJ-Premier is able to assist patients with:
--Recovering from injuries to their muscles, bones, joints, tissues, and nervous system

(e.g. stroke patients)
--Preventative spinal care and chiropractic services
--Challenges with posture and/or scoliosis

The JJ-Premier team consists of international chiropractors, orthopedic specialists and

physical therapists that are dedicated to advancing knowledge of effective physical

medicine and rehabilitation therapies and delivering the best possible patient care.  

JJ-Premier offers extensive therapy and rehabilitation services and strives to help patients

conquer a range of emergency, chronic, and acute conditions.

Rehabilitation services include:
--Physical therapy
--Joint health therapy
--Urgent care
--Orthopedic rehabilitation
--Sports rehabilitation and performance
--Men's health
--Women's health 
--Worker's compensation program